Adjust Aeron Chair

Adjust Aeron ChairWhy Everyone Wants To Know How To Adjust Aeron Chair Settings

The Aeron is notoriously tricky to adjust effectively. For one thing, not everyone who has an Aeron in their office has access to the manual – the company might have purchased chairs for everyone – and even if you do, it still manages to be pretty difficult. Some chairs, like the Steelcase Leap have an advantage over the Aeron in that they are more intuitive or simply physically easier to adjust than the Aeron because of how they’re designed. If you’re working with the Aeron, though, we do have a few tips on how to adjust the chair so that you can start benefiting fully from its unique features.

How To Adjust Aeron Chair

Depending on the options you’ve got installed, the Aeron can have up to nine adjustable areas: the seat height, the tilt tension, the arm height, the arm angle, the PostureFit mechanism, the lumbar pad depth, the lumbar pad height, the forward tilt, and the tilt range.

Adjust Aeron ChairAs long as you’re able to reach all of the levers and knobs, it’s best to make these adjustments while sitting in the chair in a relaxed position (not sitting forward in the chair). This will give you the best idea of the effects that the changes are having as you make them, and whether or not it’s working for you.

Adjust Aeron Chair Seat Height

This adjustment works like most other adjustable chairs, ergonomic or otherwise. The lever for the seat height is shaped like a paddle and is located on the right side of the seat. Have your feet on the floor and take your weight off the seat while lifting the lever to raise the seat, and lift the lever while sitting firmly in the chair to lower it.

Adjust Aeron Chair Tilt Tension

The tilt tension mechanism is operated with the extended knob on the right side of the chair, below the seat height lever and PostureFit knob (if installed). Turn the knob forward while seated to increase tension, and backward to decrease.

Adjust Aeron Chair Arm Height

The lever for the arm height adjustment is located at the base of the armrest, toward the back. When you lift the lever, the arm mechanism will unlock, and you can hold the base of the armrest and raise or lower it to the desired height. Lower the lever to lock the armrest in place.

Adjust Aeron Chair Arm Angle

The arm angle is adjusted by holding the front end of the armpad. You’ll feel that you are able to rotate them to the right or left; rotate to the desired angle.

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Adjust Aeron Chair PostureFit

The PostureFit knob is located between the seat height lever and the tilt tension knob on the right side of the chair. Turn the knob all the way forward to start, then turn it backward incrementally until you find the right position for your needs. Turn the knob all the way back to disengage the PostureFit mechanism.

Adjust Aeron Chair Lumbar Depth

Adjustments to the lumbar pad can only be made while standing behind the chair. Hold the lumbar pad at both ends and lift it out of the track, then flip it over and place it back in the track to change the depth of the lumbar support.

Adjust Aeron Chair Lumbar Height

Apply pressure to both ends of the pad and raise or lower it to the desired spot.

Adjust Aeron ChairAdjust Aeron Chair Forward Tilt

There are two levers on the left side of the Aeron seat; the front one adjusts the forward tilt. Lean back in the chair and lift the lever, then lean forward to angle the seat to the front. Push the lever all the way down and lean back to return the seat angle to the standard position.

Adjust Aeron Chair Tilt Range

The back lever on the left side operates the tilt range adjustment. Recline as far back as you would like, then move the lever up to establish this as the tilt limit. Lean forward on the chair and press the lever down to release the tilt limiter.

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