Ergonomic Chair Reviews

Ergonomic Chair ReviewsThe ideal ergonomic chair is highly adjustable, comfortable for prolonged periods regardless of the user’s body type or position, durable, easy to use, and stylish. We know of several office chairs that meet these criteria. This is how we would rank them.

Best Ergonomic Chair – Steelcase Leap Chair



The Leap excels in virtually every area. It’s a high quality chair, with durable materials that maintain performance and appearance very well over the long term. The best thing about the Leap, though, is that it is, all in all, the most extensively adjustable chair we’ve found, taking into account the range of adjustable parts, available settings, and ease of use. In theory, the more adjustable a chair is, the more ergonomic it is, since more adjustability means more probability that you can find the perfect settings for your needs, even if it takes some effort. In practice, we found this to be true – the Leap is simply the most comfortable chair we’ve used. Check out our full review here.

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Ergonomic Chair Reviews

Most Popular Ergonomic Chair – Herman Miller Aeron Chair



The Aeron is the most popular ergonomic chair model available, and for good reason; the Aeron does just about everything very well. Its special mesh padding allows the chair to both conform to the user’s body shape and keep temperature moderate without requiring sacrifices to other aspects of the chair’s design. The thing that holds the Aeron back from being even better is that it’s relatively difficult to adjust, and this is ultimately why we have it ranked as number two. Our full review can be found here.

Set and Forget (little adjustment required) – Steelcase Think Chair



The Think is another excellent offering from Steelcase, featuring a design that is both solid and reliable, as well as fantastic in the looks department. No other high-quality ergonomic chair we’ve seen offers the same range of viable customization options, so if you’re looking for a chair to fit into the unique look of your office or home setting, you may have luck with the Think even if you’ve been disappointed by the aesthetics of other ergonomic chairs. The Think is also highly adjustable; find out more in our full review, here.

Most Expensive Ergonomic Chair – Herman Miller Embody Chair



The Embody is one of the most expensive office chairs on the market, but it does deliver significant performance to help offset the cost. Its innovative back design provides incredible comfort and flexibility of use, while the overall build quality is what you’d expect from a Herman Miller product, which is to say great. Ultimately, the price tag on the Embody means that it’s not an appropriate choice for everyone, but if you can afford it, you will almost certainly not be disappointed. Check out our full review here.

Ergonomic Chair Reviews Most Simple Ergonomic Chair – Humanscale Liberty Chair



The Liberty is part of Humanscale’s line of ergonomic task chairs. The Liberty has a minimalistic look that should help it fit into just about any setting without being obtrusive. In terms of ergonomic performance, it’s good, with a supremely comfortable seat among the most important features. See our full review here for more details.

Best Ergonomic Chair For Reclining – Humanscale Freedom Chair



The Freedom is more of a niche chair in that, when equipped with its optional headrest, it’s perhaps the best chair available for people who like to spend most of their in-chair time reclining, but not as great for other users. It’s otherwise solid but unspectacular. Read more about the Freedom in our review here.


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