Ergonomic Foot Rest

Ergonomic Foot Rest Depending on what type of seating you are using, it may be necessary to use an ergonomic foot rest. In situations where a foot rest is necessary but is not being used, you may begin to experience issues such as numbness of the legs, and eventually, circulation problems. Here are some of the things you’ll want to consider when choosing an ergonomic foot rest.

What Is An Ergonomic Foot Rest?

An ergonomic foot rest is a foot rest that has been designed to properly support your feet so as to prevent the onset of a host of physical problems.Depending on some of the other characteristics of your seating situation (more on that in a minute), an ergonomic foot rest may be necessary in order to prevent the development of physical problems, some of which may include varicose veins, blood clots, and strains of the Achilles tendon or other muscles or tendons in the legs, ankles or feet.

When Is An Ergonomic Foot Rest Necessary?

You’ll need to have an ergonomic foot rest in any situation when your seat needs to be at a height that keeps you from having your feet flat on the floor.

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Ergonomic Foot Rest
Drafting chairs, which are intended to be used at a higher level than most chairs, have built in foot rings or foot rests which address this problem. However, in other situations, it may still be necessary to have your office chair higher than you would otherwise prefer. For example, you may need to have your seat high in order to have a direct line of sight to your computer monitor, or else you would be forced to strain your neck while looking at the monitor.

Conversely, it could simply be a matter of preference. In any case, your feet will need support, whether it’s from the floor, or from an ergonomic foot rest.

What To Look For In An Ergonomic Foot Rest

The first thing to look for in an ergonomic foot rest is the appropriate width. It should be wide enough to allow you to sit naturally, without having to hold your feet closer together than you normally would.

Quality ergonomic foot rests also provide good traction. This is important because if your feet are constantly sliding off of the foot rest, you’re not really getting the benefits that the foot rest is supposed to be providing. Your feet should stay in place even if the soles of your shoes or boots are wet, as this situation is sometimes difficult to avoid.

Ergonomic Foot RestAnother important thing to be aware of is how the foot rest will combine with the base of your chair. This usually isn’t a major issue, but in some cases, you may have a chair with a base that is especially wide, and depending on your body type and preferred sitting position, some foot rests may not fit in the spot you need them to because of the shape of your chair’s base. This issue can often be avoided by choosing an ergonomic office chair with a dedicated foot rest accessory, which is usually available as an option from the manufacturer. Overall, an ergonomic foot rest will guarantee to provide optimal support in tandem with the chair in question, and these can be especially good options because of the added benefits provided by this combination.


Ergonomic Foot Rest